The London we want to see again

Harrods window - Dog walker with his charges
Check out the distinctive behind on the far right

Dear British readers of the Scottie News,

Our thoughts are with you.

The rest of us

2 thoughts on “The London we want to see again

  1. It’s happening in central Liverpool too 🙁 Last night was dreadfull. I was supposed to go out for Tapas in Liverpool town centre tonight, but they rang to say that the bar was being closed after advice from the Police. These thugs are children and young adults, I teach and can understand with recent cut-backs their frustrations, but this is plain and simple looting and destruction?

  2. Hope everything is well with you and your family tegan, thinking of Liverpool at the moment. We had some activity in Hayes last night, but very minor thank goodness – some scary rumours flying around though . Stay safe

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