West Highland Terrier Wednesday for Jaws fans

Two Westies and a Scottie dog _DSC1407 by Leesia

This photo reminded me that the Scottish Terrier News still hasn’t found the perfect human match for this gorgeous trio.

See previous Scottish Terrier lookalikes and send us your own.

7 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday for Jaws fans

  1. Love this photo!! What do you think the Westie is thinking about the other two? “Oh dear, they’re at it again”

  2. YEP … been there, done it. Me and my sister on holiday, mum ignoring us and dad taking the photo.

    1. … and dad also could never hold the camera straight, ALL our photos have that subsidence!

  3. I am sure the watching Westie is thinking “glad I am not getting the Scottie fangs in my face”! OOCH

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