Coping with a high-energy rescue Scottie

Angee the energetic rescue Scottish TerrierRead the multi-part story of Angee, the rescue Scottish Terrier, at Scotty Rescue News:

Taking Angee for a walk can be both a joy and a trying experience. Though she is much better about the leash aggressive behavior, she is still a handful on walks because she is so energetic and fit. Last Tuesday we took her on a 6 mile hike in the forest, climbing just over a thousand feet of elevation. With all the rain and wind and slippery slopes, we were pretty tired when we got back, but Angee wasn’t even phased. Her instincts are such that she managed to stick her nose into every mound of fresh turned soil on both sides of the trail for the entire three hours of the hike. She even managed to take some skin off the top of her snout while rooting in the soil for whatever was living in that earth. (Oh yeah, Angee is quite the digger). It rained the entire hike but nothing bothered Angee. She was ready to go for her daily neighborhood walk the moment we got home.

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  1. Harry says: Lola and I are both rescue Scotties and we can walk the feet off our new mommy and daddy, too. When we first came to our new home we didn’t have the level of energy we have today. Good food, lots of walks and lots of love have turned us into go-go machines!

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