Need a new Scottish Terrier T-Shirt?

Beam me up Scottie (Dog) T-shirtThis t-shirt reminds the Scottish Terrier and Dog News of the Scottie called Beamer.

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  1. Awesome! All this talk about 9-11 had me bummed out … but THIS cheered me up! Ta awful muckle!

    1. Forgetting to mention one of my ideas that could be included by Scottie fans if liked, that if the characters all happen to be Scottish Terriers, they could form a group, called, ‘The Aarrroooos’ (you Scottie owners will know better than I, what sound can be published in your story.
      By the way, why not the whole family be authors to the tale, and come out with their own ideas – a family creation!
      Have fun.

    2. Forgot to say, in my site there are some images in honour of this day and what it represents, and concerns reflected in them (computer mouse painting in Photoshop on digital photographs of recordings of the actual day). You will find them in, if I remember correctly, Concerns 1.

      1. How do I moderate my comments, ANNB? I can’t delete any of the text, so how do I go about it? Maybe I should leave it up to you to edit the comments. I’m not too good on the technical side. If the simplest thing is to delete them, Anne, that’s alright. Leave in what you think is adequate otherwise. Thanks.

        1. Hi,

          You can’t edit after it’s posted. Only I can. I was worried about some of the content asking readers to log in on a website, which is why I put the comments in holding pattern. I would not readers to get hacked at an insecure site so I was being super careful.

          It’s nothing personal at all.

          Your past comments have been greatly appreciated.

          1. Thankyou, AnnB,
            If you think that website might be a problem, please delete the whole section concerning it. I am rather wary of internet problems myself, and have previously limited it to a few galleries and individuals. You are welcome to view it yourself, and I hope you find it interesting. As you will see, it is a good deal re concerns, and childhood memories of growing up in Kenya, E Africa, as a legacy for my family.
            Kind Regards,

          2. AnnB, I’m afraid my brain has been working slower than usual, for various reasons – most importantly, three friends have lost their lives to cancer (two in the last weeks, and one in January. Another is, my family and myself are going to be saying farewell, to my beautiful brave cat, Picalena, who has a tumor behind her eye. Inspite of it, she has reached her eighteenth year. She is a bit of a Felix (cat food ad) lookalike, and has a chin (seems to have had forever) like Ena Sharples (past Corrie fans will know what that is like). Peeks (Pics) is an amazing character, and I might well write a tale about her and her little street fellow brothers, Lieudown and Finegan. She is the last of the Muffin tribe (mother of Picalena, Ebony, Tabitha and Bella), and their dog sister, Tamsin (Tamsie, among others, ha! ha!), my Welsh Border Collie pup of two years.
            What I was going to say, I should have mentioned, my family seem to have had no problems with my website on their computers. I have, myself, opened it out on my daughters PC (Macs are supposed to have high protection from viruses, so I have had no problems when I have opened it out on Safari on my computer) and no problems seem to have occurred after those occasions, or when she has tried (although it is so slow to do so on her computer, and being a busy mother … and not a big fan of my little pen drawings, my son though is – both different feelings on fine art, daughter being more traditional). Cousins of mine (apart from other individuals, and Galleries) also have not seemed to have had any problems viewing my website on their computers, as I feel sure they would have let me know. I wouldn’t have wanted to put it on to your Scottie site otherwise, or to have taken a chance for anyone else to receive a problem from it, if I hadn’t been confident it had no problem. I would have ceased using it for my art works if I had found there to be a problem.
            I should have said all this when I said you were welcome to take a look (my slow brain at the time), but it has taken me this long, with those distractions mentioned in mind, amongst other present ones, such as moving home soon, and two remaining little fellow cats to consider (both fifteen years of age – birthdays put as May, 1996, as that is the year I took them in as older kittens, and myself and the Vet guessing their ages) re the new house, garden and area. Adjustment at that age rather a concern. Need for me to move, as help on Granddaughters’ school runs, and being right on the doorstep of the schools, and not needing two buses anymore.
            So, I apologise for any worries re that site, Anne. Hopefully you can get it verified that it is not a problem re viruses etc. Otherwise, just delete as I suggested.
            Take care,
            Kind Regards to you and your readers (whom I hope, if you deem it safe to leave my web info on your site for their access. I will tell you one thing I am concerned about, if it does get out there in the wider viewing, and what has held me back from placing it for a wider audience, and that is, for concern of what might come back in my direction if getting into the wrong hands metaphorically speaking.

          3. One of those friends who died recently actually left this world early morning of 9/11, Ann. I might have been typing the initial text at the time she left this world.
            Good Wishes, Rosalind

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