Scottish Terrier eats up inheritance

When Bridget was a puppy and I was still a teacher, she started chewing up a pile of my students’ papers. Luckily, I caught her in the act and the damage was minimal with a few essays getting tattered. I still, to this day, regret that I was not able to go to class and say, ” Sorry your essays are late. The dog ate them.”

Since growing up, Bridget never chews anything. How about your dogs?

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  1. Harry and Lola’s mom says: ‘We’ve raised seven Scotties and never had a chewing problem. We’ve always had lots of dog chews available for them to chew, so they have left other things alone.”

  2. Oh how I wish I could say Angus never chews up anything! At five months old he is a Scottish “terror”. So far he has destroyed 3 pairs of my husband’s shoes, 2 laptop cords, anything paper that he can get his teeth into, a pencil, etc. Worst of all I had to put him in our kitchen for several hours while I had tests done at the hospital, when I came home he had chewed a saucer sized hole into the baseboard of the kitchen island (we’re renting no less). When I told my vet about she didn’t seem concerned at all. She just said “oh those terriers that’s why I would never have one. We have tried bitter cherry spray, bitter apple, barrier spray, hot sauce and on and on, doesn’t faze him a bit. He has several chew toys, moozles, etc. Still no help. And, he is faster than lightening & will run under the bed with whatever it is he has snatched off a shelf, out of a drawer that was left open, etc.

    Love him, but I am at my wits end.

    Angus also thinks my arms are for chewing. This is how he wants to play all the time.

  3. Oh, how I remember those “terror” days. When Ruby was a puppy she tried to chew everything in sight. We finally learned not to leave anything out, and we bought many of the heavy duty Kongs–she even destroyed those. I sometimes wore thick gloves when I played with her. The destructive behavior ended when she was about a year old. We now have lots of toys around the house for her pleasure. She still grabs shoes when she wants our attention and runs like crazy. Those scotties are stinkers, but you gotta love em!

  4. I was told captain was a chewer when I got him , but I had very little trouble inside the house. he had lots of toys and chew, ‘illegal chewables’, shoes etc were removed when he was, alone. He was crate trained at the beginning so I think this helped. He did chew the dust pan and brush and this looked so endearing with him trotting around with it – but I had to remove them in the end because he kept going through them
    His favourite was wood, and this caused some problems, I have a hedge outside and he was always pulling branches off that – I wasnt worried about the hedge – but a couple of times He got a twig caught , and once I had to dash him to the vet – , This probabley lasted until he was 8 or 9 months . I put a big old tree branch in the garden, and was able to deflect him on to that sometimes.

    Like Ruby, Captain will grab something when he wants my attention, if I am working in the office and run with it – once he grabbed my stapler –

  5. Kirk never chewed even as a pup, but she did have a habit of digging, espeically mums precious garden plants. Actally mum learned quickly that if she planted something and Kirk watched…. it would be up an hour later. Things came to ahead when she started to bury things from the house, mostly stuff that smelled of my work. Had to dig up several ID cards, classroom keys and even a pencil case, fortunatly she was a poor digger and it didn’t take Shelock Holmes to find them… glad she grew out of it.

  6. Angus was 6 months old when he came to live with us. Within three months he chewed up my recliner, my plaster walls, baseboards, countless shoes (only mine of course), a set of wooden coasters, and probably other things we don’t even know about. He has now been with us for almost five years and I am happy to say that he only chews on his “toys” (i.e. nylabones).

  7. I have read about so many Scotties be avid chewers so I was stunned that my Scout isn’t. Well, maybe I should say, she just such a good girl if she starts to chew something and I just say NO she stops immediately. As a pup she did start chewing in two corners of our wall-to-wall carpeting and part of my husband’s cell phone but that was pretty much the only thing she destroyed. Now, she does, destuff every single stuffed animal she gets. However, at the age of 4 now she doesn’t destuff them right away, but if there is a tiny seam with stuffing showing – that’s it! That thing is going down! LOL I hear about so many Scotties eating so many horrible things and that is what really scares me. She has never done that either thank goodness.

  8. Our newbie Bella disgraced herself when I was away on business for 2 days. The first day went Ok but the second, my husband came home to confetti on the living room floor. She had torn up, chewed and partially eaten 2 of his books from his childhood including the cloth cover and spine of one. We think they must have used animal glue back then & it attracted her. She thew it up overnight, more came out the other end and this evening she threw up some more. Hopefully no ill effects but we’re on guard given our Teagan’s (RIP) chewing/eating proclivities – don’t want another emergency surgery! :/ We had avoided the crate training route but are wondering if we’ll have to try it. Ceilidh meanwhile was mortified by the incident! Bella is a rescue and probably a little over a year but she acts like a puppy.

  9. Carol,
    Please make sure Scout doesn’t eat the stuffing! :s I’ve read that the modern stuffing they use can turn into a solid gel in their stomach and be deadly. 🙁 It’s always a challenge getting “Scottie Proof” toys though!!

    1. CBMum – thanks for the heads up about the stuffing. To date we’ve never noticed Scout eating the stuffing just making a HUGE mess with it. Plus, now that she’s a little older she doesn’t do it as often. But…. I will certainly keep an eye out for that and your are so right – Scottie proof toys are not easy to come by! ; ) Thanks.

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