Scottish Terrier gifts on Amazon

Check out all the Scottish Terrier gifts available on Amazon. The stickers and magnets are big with Scottie News readers as are many of the other items on our bestseller page (which needs updating).

I also wanted to show you a poster I saw of a woman walking two Scottish Terriers in smart red coats, but I can’t find it. If anyone runs across it, could you please post the link in the comments. My intention was to use the image to ask people what they wear to walk their Scotties.

I often listen to an iPod and I bought these clogs in the spring as the sandals I wear for day walking result in wet feet in the morning dew. As you can see, I’m into more comfortable dog-walking footwear than the poster woman (if you do indeed track her down).

FYI, when you click through to Amazon from the Scottie News, we get a commission no matter what you buy there.