Scottish Terrier question for our Brit readers: What’s up with Sonny and Jock?

The owners of these two Scotties, Sonny and Jock, posted this video to YouTube, accompanied by the following heartfelt plea:

Here were have two Scottish Terriers, Sonny (6 months old) and Jock (10 years old). I dont know why they do this every time they hear the Eastenders tune. Do they hate it? Do they love it? If anyone knows why, please let me know.

If anyone can answer, it’s the readers of the Scottish Terrier News.

10 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier question for our Brit readers: What’s up with Sonny and Jock?

  1. I don’t have an answer for you. BUT I have a 10 year old Scottie who sings Happy Birthday at parties and has since he was a baby. I also have a 4yearol Westie that watchs TV laying stretched out on the floor in front of the TV and we know she’s watching because her head moves to the action! Have an animal come on and we have to protect the TV!!

  2. Scotties are Northerners!!!!! Stands to reason they will object to Eastenders set in the south, probably don’t understand the accents – – Try them with Coronation Street or old repeats of @Take the high Road’.

  3. Harry and Lola loved talking back to Sonny and Jock! They think they can speak “English”. Maybe English and American dogs have more words in common than English and American people. Maybe they don’t use words like “lift” to mean elevator or “lorry” for truck!

  4. Hamish & Ula were littermates and they had what we called the “Barky & Howly Show”. They did it completely randomly, although fire trucks and police sirens would sometimes trigger it also.
    Your guys seem to have a version of this going on as well.
    Very cute.
    Ula and our new puppy, Keegan now howl together.

  5. Have you ever seen an episode of Eastenders Ann? Believe me when I say it’s crap … and Scotties have good taste … enougth said.

  6. LOL Tegan!! I was going to say Easy solution – don’t watch Eastenders, you won’t miss it!! XD

    Something about it just sets them off… it seems like more the one and the other one just goes along with it. My in-laws’ late Scottie Bumble would howl his head off the second that the UK Antiques Roadshow theme would start off and our Teagan “learned” that from him. She’d do it on her own but was never as enthusiastic about it. :/ But Sonya I have heard of dogs doing the same at the Corrie theme! Over in the US now our dogs haven’t reacted to anything in the same way – shame!

  7. Captain doesnt react to theme tunes at all, but will sometimes to the sound of bird song and barking, he will bark back., He is very visually responsive however and will get very excited, going right up to the telly if an animal appears. It looks so funny as though he is trying to climb into it. His favourites seem to wildlife progammes, especially the big cats. but yesterday he attacked the television when the dulux dog appeared (old english sheepdog to non U>K> members. Does anyone else’s Scotty or Westie react in this way?

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