Two very athletic Scottish Terriers

With all the exercise these two Scottish Terriers are getting, it explains how they stay slim while named after an ice cream and a waffle house.

Rock on, Dudes!

7 thoughts on “Two very athletic Scottish Terriers

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen Scotties without furnishings! Makes me wonder why! Did their groomer not know how to clip a Scot!! They are SO much more beautiful with them!! These gys are cute but…..

  2. Harry and lola’s mom says: “Yes! I’m glad to see other Scottie owners who let their Scotties enjoy water. We had to go through a big deal about the pond in our back yard when we adopted Harry and Lola. I tried to explain that we built the pond for the dogs because all our other Scotties loved water. I now understand that there are some issues about Scotties and pools (the sides of pools are too steep for short legs to get out of.) But Scotties do love water if given the chance to be in it. We just have to take care that they don’t get too far out.
    Great video!”

  3. Looks like they were having a great time, our Piper loves the beach too, but will not go in more than belly deep.

    Sorry to always sound like a grooming nazi, but what is with the trim on those two? Looks like hell to me.

    1. It’s probably a summer thing. I’m betting they live somewhere very hot and the cut works well with all their swimming, etc.

  4. This proved wrong about scotties cannot swim. These are normal water babies .My scotties hate the sea , may be these 2 are slim not having a brick shape that tend to be drown easily.

    Look like they have a great time.

  5. Hi all – in response to why our boys don’t have their furnishings, it’s work related! As a horse trainer, the boys come to work with me daily, all year round. It became quite an issue having them “sweep” the barn aisles of manure, shavings, hay and other such smelly horse things and the only options were to either bathe them daily (nope!) or shave the furnishings off. It’s also made their lives much easier for the beach/swimming (no coming home with salt water snarls and seaweed attached), and they stay much cooler in the humid temperatures. Added bonus, in the winter when we get a lot of snow, they don’t have to worry about snow balls!

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