VP Cheney’s dog banned from Camp David after chasing first dog, Barney the Scottish Terrier

Former VP Dick Cheney's labradors Jackson and Dave dressed up for HalloweenDick Cheney didn’t just take aim at Condi Rice in his memoirs. He also had a few Putin-esque things to say about President Bush’s pal, Barney the Scottish Terrier.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

Dick Cheney’s labrador Dave was banned from the main lodge at Camp David after attacking President George W. Bush’s Scottish terrier Barney, the former vice-president’s memoir reveals.

The hefty Labrador often accompanied Mr Cheney to the US presidential retreat in Maryland. One morning he accompanied his master to the laurel lodge, where most official meals and meetings take place.

“No sooner had we walked inside did Dave catch sight of the president’s dog Barney,” Mr Cheney writes in an extract of his book “In My Time” that was leaked to “The Daily Caller” website . A “hot pursuit” then followed.

The dogs ended up in the dining room, as the wives of several cabinet members were enjoying breakfast.

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Scottie News thinks the dogs should have been left to sort this out themselves as long as it didn’t get violent, which it’s not clear to us it did.