Westie news so good it can’t wait until Wednesday

Winston the Westie is back!

Scottie News feared we would never see this day, but luckily we were wrong and Winston the West Highland Terrier is home safe and sound with his Scottie sister, Tricia, and the rest of his family. We are still waiting to see if his peeps can provide us with the inside scoop and some photo exclusives, but, in the mean time, we’re raising a glass to “dognapping” tales with happy endings.

8 thoughts on “Westie news so good it can’t wait until Wednesday

  1. I am so happy too. What lucky dogs Tricia and Winston are. Their humans never gave up looking for them.

  2. Yaaayy!!! We’re all wagging our tails! How nice to hear some good news like that! No more escapades, Winston!!

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