Westie Wednesday: A Winston update

The return of Winston the Westie
Last week, at just about the time we posted the happy news of Winston the West Highland Terrier’s return, his female person, Kumiko, wrote:

Winston has been safely returned. Thanks to everyone’s support and encouragment we were able to keep our spirits up and keep looking for Winston. Sorry to not get back to you sooner, since his return, we have been running around letting everyone we have told that he has been found.

I do not know, how much of the story you are already aware of, but on Sunday afternoon, we got a call from a lady who told us that they might have our dog. They told us that an officer had come over and gave them a dog a month ago.

Half skeptical, my boyfriend, Mike asked for a photo. It was Winston, playing happily with the lady’s Son. We knew it was him, not only the way it looked because of the way his hair was growing infront of his eyes, (which was bothering me because I was not able to cut it before he went missing) as well as the way he was playing with her son, on his two hind legs and smiling with his tounge hanging on his side. we were scared to be excited, because if it turned out that the dog was not Winston, we would have been crushed.

But luckily it was Winston. Winston was taken good care of. We were going to go get Winston, but because they lived quite deep in brooklyn, they’ve offered to drive themselves over to our neighborhood. The lady who had him, says she was not a dog person. But when they came, they brought his kibble and his canned meat food he’s been eating, as well as his dog bowl, dog shampoo and his leash and flea collar that they’ve gotten for him. The lady’s little boy seemed sad to see Winston go.

When we returned home, Tricia our Scottie was not happy. All this time, she was by our side supporting us and gotten all the attention from us. She was very cuddly and even came and sat on our laps. But when she saw Winston, she ran over to him and made sure he knew who was the boss.

But that night Tricia and Winston laid next to each other eating a bone. When only a small piece of it was left, I caught Tricia nosing over the last piece to Winston.

We are just so relieved that Winston is safe at home.
We have learned a lot from this experience and hope all other lost dogs and be found.

Thank you so much
Kumiko and Mike

Because there have been conflicting reports about whether the police officer involved was actively offering to give the dog away or was misled by people who said Winston was theirs, I asked Kumiko for details. She replied:

We’ve met both the officer who had given our dog away and the lady who have given back our dog to us. They were both really nice people from my point of view. And we really don’t want to point fingers at anyone because all we care about is that Winston is back.

But we believe Crystal, the lady who had found our dog’s story.

When we were out putting fliers on Franklin Ave. other people have come up to us telling us that the officer was giving our dog away that night. A mother, came up to us and told us that her son came home that night saying that an officer was giving away a dog and if he could keep him. We got her number and asked if we can contact her again. We have since called her back to verify her story. Unfortunately, the story is actually coming from a 14 year old’s point of view.

Also, we have met a couple teenagers around the neighborhood, they told us that an officer giving away dogs to other people had happen in the past. A pitbull was chained to a fence and an officer had thought he was stray, gotten him and given him away.

The first thing that Crystal, the lady who had found our dog, told us on the phone was that an officer had given her a dog a month ago. We have been on channel 12 and on other local newspapers of our search. So she could have read them and have lied about it. However, when the reporters bombarded her the next day with tips and quotes from her. She called us questioning why they were calling her. We explained to her that all the local newspaper have been helping us spread the news of our search. We also told her that if she felt uncomfortable, she did not have to respond to them. She told us that she had no clue about that but she understood and have been publicly telling the reporters that an officer had given her the dog.

The Officer, on the other hand, was very vague about his story. In the beginning, he was very hard to reach. We called the precinct a couple times but we could not get through to him. Until we had to scare him a little bit with a possible law suit. Then, he was quite reachable. We have asked if he was with other officers that night, he says he was, but we could not get their story. He told us he was not a dog person. I don’t remember it was two weeks ago. etc etc. We have asked for surveillance cameras, they keep telling us they are not recording. There are 6 NYPD gigantic cameras on Franklin Ave. and Eastern Parkway. There were shooting just on labor day. Since Winston was found, we have tried calling them to see what they say. As well as other reporters. But they have shut their doors completely.

We have been quite protective of names and have not told the reporters and have only told a couple people, our lawyer friend and the John Casey, the animal rescue guy in Brooklyn who have been helping us from day one. But somehow, the newspapers have been publishing them. We actually do not think the officer’s name should be publicized.

Looks like Westie-loving reader and commenter Monica’s spidey senses were right all along.

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  1. I’m glad to hear Winston’s back. The description of Tricia nosing over the last piece of bone to Winston is just adawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrable!

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