Catching up on famous-looking Scottish Terriers

A few weeks back,  Scottie News challenged readers to find a celeb lookalike for this Scottish Terrier. In addition to the comments on the original post, the following suggestions and photos arrived via email.

Lauren nominated James Dean as a match.

James Dean on a motorbike
Scottie News says, "Va va va vroom!"

Virginia thought of Steve McQueen.

Steve McQueen on a motorbike in leather
Scottie News says, "We especially like the leather."

Cocoanal wrote: “If You take the High Road and I take the Enfield, then I’ll be in Scotland afore ye!”

And the winner is … the REAL Big Mac with Snoopy, who has the missing goofy factor those other hotties lack. Hotness may get you farthest in real life, but it won’t let you grab the lookalike trophy from a deserving dog at the Scottie News.

Snoopy the WW I flying ace

Please send us your favourite photo of your dogs, REAL Big Mac, and we will attempt to match them with their celeb lookalikes.

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