Dog books and movies on Amazon

Buy a Kindle or the new Kindle Fire at Amazon and enjoy dog books and movies in a fantastically convenient new format. Plus, the Scottie News gets a commission — at no cost to you — if you make your purchase after clicking one of our links.

The Scottie News can personally vouch for the Kindle — now available for just $79, although we prefer the more expensive models with built-in 3G, which allow you to impulse buy a book no matter where you are and whether there’s wifi or not. What can we say? We lack self control, which is why we plan on getting a Fire eventually as well.

If you do indeed opt to buy any one of these hot new gadgets, you’ll want to browse the Harry and Lola books. Their author, Jean Nave of Sisters, Oregon, writes:

My husband and I rescued a bonded pair of Scotties from the Oregon rescue group In the process we learned about the financial crisis the organization is having. I wanted to help. As a result I’ve written and Illustrated several kids books that are free downloads at The purpose of the books is to help people learn about Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue and all Scottie rescue.

You can also buy the Harry and Lola books here and the profits will go to Scottie Rescue. If that’s not a good enough reason to gift yourself a new gadget, you’re a far stronger person than I am.

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  1. Harry and Lola Meet Santa Paws is now up and available on We aren’t giving this book away. We are asking for $1.99 and all author’s royalties go to Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue. If there is a kid in your family, you’ll love the 24 colorful illustrations in the book. The story is setting a new Christmas tradition. Buy the book to make a kid happy, join Harry and Lola by making a donation to dog rescue and become an official Santa Paws helper. Get an official poster from when you tell us about your donation. And yes, we are already working on a Harry and Lola with Santa Paws II. One of our readers wanted to be sure we are working on a second book!

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