Help Wallace win the Fido Casting Call Contest

Fido Casting Call - Vote for Wallace the Scottish Terrier
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Stacey writes:

Hello fellow Scottie owners and lovers!

I’ve been a fan of this blog for a few years now, so it popped right into my mind that this would be a good place to share this information. I’ve entered my lil scottie, Wallace, into the Fido casting call to be their newest mascot! If any of you have time to vote for him, he would love to be “top dog” and show some Scottie representation 🙂

Here’s the link if you’re interested in voting for Wallace. With your help, Wallace could appear in a Fido ad. Plus, Fido is donating $1 for every vote to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. Check out this pooch’s Casting Sheet and vote every day.

Keep on chasing those squirrels!

Scottie News would like to assure Stacey that we’re going to do everything we can to get out the vote. In 24 hours, we want to Wallace move from spot #928 to at least the seven hundreds. Please, everyone, a vote for Wallace is a vote for the future of Scottish Terriers. Do it for the puppies you haven’t even met.

8 thoughts on “Help Wallace win the Fido Casting Call Contest

  1. Thank you so much to everyone who has been voting my my little Scottie. With your help he was able to rise up to #130 before falling to #165. Unfortunately, something has happened in the Fido contest and thousands of the top dogs have disappeared from the competition…including Wallace 🙁 I am hoping to get more answers from Fido soon. I am really disappointed and am sorry if any of you feel that you have wasted your time in voting for him. I truly do not understand what has happened 🙁

  2. sorry to hear that…kind of weird I would say all top dogs disappear maybe you will find out it has been a “glitch” of some sort…..I did vote several times !!!!!!

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