Horrific West Highland Terrier Wednesday

Earlier this week, the Scottie News posted a horrible story from the Google archives about an evil Scottish earlier who beat a Scottie on this head. Sadly, a similar crime occurred in Scotland recently, but this time around animal rights activists and politicians are calling for a far stiffer sentence than 75-pound fine the the Earl received. Tory Member of the Scottish Parliament, Margaret Mitchell, said:

“This man should never be allowed to have animals again.

“Ordinary people will find it hard to believe that someone could do this to a defenceless animal.

“I would hope his sentence will reflect the horror the public will feel about this incident.”

A spokesman for the Westie Rescue Scheme said: “This is absolutely disgusting.

“All dogs have accidents but this man has completely overstepped the mark by what he has done.

“This is a very distressing case and our members would consider a jail sentence to be a reasonable disposal for a crime like this.”

3 thoughts on “Horrific West Highland Terrier Wednesday

  1. Whassup with this? Why do people do these horrible things? I used to think I’d like to go to Scotland. Not anymore. This man has taken a page from Michael Vick’s playbook. DISGUSTING!

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