RIP, Simon the Scottish Terrier

Karen Clarke wrote to the Scottie News yesterday to tell us that she was featured ministering to a dying Scottish Terrier on the front page of Sunday’s Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star. Simon the Scottie belonged to a very good friend of hers.

Here’s the opening of the article:

So there she was — a 57-year-old Benedictine nun-turned-chemist-turned Protestant pastor — sprawled on her belly in a 4-foot-deep closet conversing with Simon.

The 13-year-old Scottish terrier had lived a long life, often relaxing in the shade among the backyard hostas. But now he was having problems, and the Rev. Karen Clarke sensed he was afraid — that he knew the end was near.

His cancer spreading, Simon retreated to the closet corner and huddled beneath a rack of blue jeans and plaid shirts. During thunderstorms, he often hid there. But this time, he wasn’t there because of the rain.

“Simie, I know it’s time for you to go,” Clarke whispered in the dark closet as she scooted past the long dresses, inching closer to the terrier. “Will you come out so I can help you?”

Simon obliged.

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RIP, Simon.

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  1. Nice story. Both my McTavish and Clyde were taken by cancer. RIP laddies – both were loved every bit as much as they loved us.

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