Scottish Terriers in the Google Archives

Vicious Scottish artistocrat beats Scottie dog

Read the Glasgow Herald‘s full story and get background on the dog-abusing Earl here. He got off with a startlingly light sentence for assaulting the Scottish Terrier.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers in the Google Archives

  1. The earl was fined only 75lbs for severely injuring a dog. That’s $120.00 USA. The fine should have been much higher, along with a suspended jail sentence at least. AND…. the earl didn’t even show up in court, but sent his solicitor! He struck the dog so unmercifully that the earl actually cracked his walking cane. I’m incensed!

  2. I completely agree with Robert! What an injustice! Too bad the punishment couldn’t have been the earl getting smacked over the head with a cane so hard the cane broke and his skull was fractured!

  3. It’s still legal in this country for a farmer to kill a dog on thier land. This was on the TV tonight;

    A local farmer tried to run over Kirk 3 years ago, I had to jump in front of his Landrover and nearly lost my leg. She was off the lead and had strayed about 10 feet off the public footpath onto a cabbige field. Some farmers consider this fair game and a dead pet a trophy.
    Tegan (Liverpool.)

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