Wallace casting call update

Dear readers,

I am disappointed to inform you Wallace the Scottish Terrier is only ranking 521 in the Fido casting call competition.

This is absolutely not good enough. Scottie News has more than 500 visitors a day, 750 email recipients and more than 700 RSS subscribers , who can vote every day for Wallace from both work and home computers not to mention smart phones, etc.

There is nothing sketchy about this at all. You don’t have to register for anything or even give up your email address. Fido used to be my phone company and I can vouch for them.

For every vote, Fido donates $1 to Canadian guide dogs so this is about more than just breed chauvinism.

Let’s get out the Scottie vote! I’m off to do my daily duty and raise $1.

4 thoughts on “Wallace casting call update

  1. I’ll keep voting. I didn’t know you could vote daily. Best of LUCK TO WALLACE!

    FYI: Sir William Wallace was a 13th-century Scottish patriot who struggled in vain against the English King Edward I.

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