What’s the latest you’ve ever seen a Scottish Terrier’s ears perk up?

Naomi from down under writes:

Is it possible for me to ask a question? We have our newest addition, Lola. Shes a Scottish Terrier… Shes just over 6 months old and still has floppy ears? I’ve been trying to do some research about why her ears won’t sit up. Do you have any links that you suggest I look at?

Sorry, I don’t have any links but I do have expert readers, who will almost certainly chime in with the answer(s).

13 thoughts on “What’s the latest you’ve ever seen a Scottish Terrier’s ears perk up?

  1. hi there,
    i can understand your anxiety as we faced a similar situation with our wheaten scottie boy at 5-6mths! His ear are huge though so the groomer actually suggested shaving off the fur ( as the fur ‘weighs’ the ear down) and taping a piece of cardboard/thick paper to support the ear and help it to ‘stand’ on its own.
    It worked!
    p/s the other ear perked earlier so he was really going through an awkward stage!

    1. Hi, shaving the ears from a young age to keeping the weight of them encourages the ears to stand up. We had one puppy whoses ears went up then of to one side and back down again due to teething. Did contact your beeder or vet for advise?

    2. Hi Jaye,

      Thank you so much for your suggestion. We shaved her ears about a month ago as i did read somewhere that this would help. So far no luck, so we have to give the cardboard a go!

      Much appreciate your help.

  2. I was told by a breeder many years ago that some Scotties have droopy ears while they are teething and that may be the situation with these particular pups. ??

  3. My two Scotties never had a problem with droopy ears but I had a German Shepard Dog who had this problem. My vet tape his ears and placed a cotton tampon (yes, you read it right) as a support inside his ears. He looked downright demonic for about two weeks but after the tape was removed his ears stood upright.

    I was told after a dog reaches six months old, it’s too late to get his ears to stand upright. Other Scottie owners told me it was a result of poor nutrition or teething. This could be doggy folklore from owners but I would suggest the owner go to the breeder or her vet for advice.

  4. Thank you all so much for your help and advice… We have shaved her ears and i think the next step may be to tape them.

    1. Naomi,

      Jaye’s comments are spot on. Both of my ears didn’t stand upright until very late. One did, but the other one didn’t. Keep trimming that hair on the ears! Keep it short! And we taped up my ears, too, and used cardboard things, too, and even some “nuskin” stuff to make the lazy one stand up. Now they’re both perky and pretty.

      ArroooooooOOOO! Stuart

  5. Macintosh was about 8 months before his second stood up. The vet thought it never would but one morning it did! We did nothing, just left it to nature.

  6. I have the same problem daisy is 13 weeks old and both her ears won’t stand up her sister rosies ears are up but one of them keeps flopping

  7. Out of several litters we only ever one with droopy ears , which eventually stood up after teething, but when he got anxious or was thinking they became tepee ears, which was quite cute unless you where hoping to show your Scottie. Truthfully unless you are intending to show your dog why put it through taping, you may only make the dog more anxious, as Scotties are very sensitive dogs.

  8. We got out little Mac in September of 2007 at about 5 months age. His right ear was only about half way up. One day, after a few weeks, it stuck us that it had gone up. He is the Mac in the MacsTeeth video on YouTube. RgN 1-11-16

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