After his dog is attacked, South Australian Westie owner calls for dangerous dog ban

Australian Westie attacked by Pitbull-type dog

Unfortunately, this Westie Wednesday brings yet another tale of a West Highland Terrier being attacked, this time down under. The local newspaper reports:

Tim Danielson was walking his dog, Oscar, 11, along the Glenelg foreshore on October 16 when a dog resembling a pit bull broke free from its harness and latched onto Oscar’s neck.

Oscar required 11 stitches and $1400 of veterinary treatment to repair a punctured and gashed neck.

“It was absolutely horrifying,” Mr Danielson said.

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One thought on “After his dog is attacked, South Australian Westie owner calls for dangerous dog ban

  1. Pfft that guy obviously doesn’t know the compassion and loyalty of a “Dangerous” dog breed. I have owned 4 German Shepherds, a Doberman and my family had 3 Pit Bulls growing up and I can say with training they are amazing! My first German Shepherd Molly would allow my 1 year old son to sit on her and pull her ears, he would bite her feet and pull her tail, but she wouldn’t even think of growling at him! Even as a pup! T.J. was amazing too, of course my was son was 4 and learned how to treat a dog properly but he put up with the neighborhood kids. (Who would be terrifying if I was a dog!) When I was little my parents Pit Bull saved me from running into the street and most likely got run over, and Mary would sit with me in the backyard on a blanket when I was a baby barking at anything besides my parents that dared come even close to me. I do agree that people should train their pit bulls so that accidents like these wouldn’t happen but I do not think you should ban them. (Oh and sorry I rambled on, I like talking to people about my loyal dogs.)

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