Does this tree remind you of anything?

Last week, Scottie News brought you a strange Scottish Terrier apparition. Several readers came up with great titles for the event/artwork. Reader Sally responded with an apparition of her own.

Scottish Terrier tree
The Scottish Terrier tree

4 thoughts on “Does this tree remind you of anything?

  1. Reminds me of a tree in my last garden that looked just like a Scottie dog – I couldn’t have a dog then as I worked full time, but I kept giant lop eared bunnies, and funnily enough there was another tree next door that looked just like a giant lop eared Rabbit.

  2. …nope Robin, I beg to differ in the comparison. ‘Urine that was shaped like a Scottie’ surely had a sub-plot in its relationship between the Antagonist (the dog) and the shape of it’s creation. The star of this picture has no sub-plot, unless the tree belongs to a terrier owner… so therefore the whole thing lacks meaning.
    … still kinda funny.
    Tegan (Liverpool)

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