In Iowa, a Scottish Terrier is kicked to death

Rocky Creek Scotties needs your help to see that the criminals are punished.

I truly believe that we are reaching a point where many of the old, obsolete animal protection laws are finally going to be changed to prevent cruelty to animals.

RIP, Chief.

And sincere sympathies to the family that loved and cared for you.

No one should have to deal with this.

12 thoughts on “In Iowa, a Scottish Terrier is kicked to death

  1. I shared this on my FB account yesterday, and will again today, to get the news out to as many as possible. My prayers go out to the family, I can only imagine the heartache they are going through and hope they find his killer soon.

  2. Ugh, I have shared this on Facebook and Twitter and sent an email to the news and city staff at the addresses listed in the story. It’s disgusting that something so awful can still happen. There truly is evil in this world. Thank you for sharing and hopefully more people will express outrage and create change. Something needs to be done. I hope the people who did this pay dearly, whether with jail time or just plain misery and guilt in their lives. I have no sympathy, patience or need for those who harm animals or children.

  3. I also yesterday wrote the local newspaper, The Hawkeye, and the Mayor. Shame on law enforcement for not trying to do more. You would think the community newspaper would run a human interest story ~ as yet I have heard nothing!! Knowledge is Power and if people know maybe the PERP will be caught.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Oh my I just look into my e-mails and The Hawkeye says they ran the story today. The newspaper cares.
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. Stuart’s peep here. This makes me sick. And darned mad. Chief was a PART OF THE FAMILY!!! The people who did this are going to do it again. And probably will hurt humans, too.

    Going over to FB and post these details.

    Rest in peace sweet Chief.

  6. Ann,
    Thanks for running this…we’ve been all over it on our FB pages, but it’s so sad that it can’t be seen enough! Thanks for all your work here!

  7. I hope the Police catches up with whoever did this!

    We installed surveillance cameras to try to keep our 3 Scotties and Spaniel safe from malicious neighbours.
    Front door and driveway, and backyard all under surveillance cameras.
    Dogs sleep with us in our bedroom every night.

    There was a bad spate of dogs being poisoned in this street prior to us moving in with our 4 dogs & we were advised to be careful by quite a few caring residents.

    How anyone could harm a Scottie is beyond comprehension,
    but there’s a lot of freaks out there.

  8. Anyone who would do that to a harmless creature, would likely have few qualms about doing it to a child imo. They need to be put somewhere where they can do no harm, and kept there for good.

  9. Such a sad, sad story. My condolences to Chief’s family. I looked for more information about his death. I wondered, from reading the article from the local newspaper, if he might have had undiagnosed von Willebrands disease (something about the swelling and delayed reaction made me think of von Willebrands)… My sister’s wonderful Scotty had that bleeding disorder. On the other hand, if Chief did have this problem, the family would have known it… It’s horrible to imagine that someone would mistreat an animal in this way. So sorry, Chief.

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