New York Stories of Scottish Terrier Rescue

MacDougal the rescue Scot
MacDougal the rescue Scot

The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York has updated its rescue page. You’ll find plenty of new Happy endings including this one:

7 Year old MacDougal came to us from PA when his owner lost his sight and became unable to take care of himself or MacDougal anymore. His son and daughter in law were instrumental in getting him safely into STCGNY Rescue. Very shy, he’d been sheltered with the elderly man as his owner, so he needed some time to adjust to being in foster with new people and other dogs. After being neutered and having some overlooked medical care attended to, the gentle MacDougal went to his new home in Providence, Rhode Island with 2 brothers who are carpenters, and their female scottie Sandy. He’s doing very well and very happy to have a sister, and just what these brothers were looking for. Thank you to Judi Dahl for all the driving to pick him up and drop him off, and for fostering him.

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3 thoughts on “New York Stories of Scottish Terrier Rescue

  1. Lucky MacDougal. Unlucky original owner — too infirm to own a dog. How sad for him. This is one of the heartbreaking aspects of aging. You lose everything — even your dog.

  2. Harry and Lola are rescued Scotties who love their new home. We’ve enjoyed them so much that we adopted a six month old black rescue who is now Harry’s shadow! They play all the time, too. Remember, if you buy any of the Harry and Lola books on you are supporting Scottie rescue!

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