Oh dear, did Scottie kill a Yorkie at doggie daycare?

It sounds like a horrible accident involving powerful Scottish Terrier jaws?

RIP, Max.

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  1. How sad. While it is not common for this to happen, dogs really do need to be sorted by size. The tiny tea cup dogs are very fragile and should always be kept separately from other sturdier dogs. I no longer take my Westies into the big dog run, because I do not want to risk them being attacked (even playfully) by a larger dog. Better they are in the small dog run where they are amongst the biggest dogs there.

  2. This is a sad story but we have to remember that Scotties are hunters of small animals. A tea cup Yorkie isn’t much bigger than a large rat and Scotties are made to kill them. We don’t know the full story, but I sure wouldn’t want to see a Socttie put down for such a thing!

  3. Size sorting is important. And while scotties are small in stature, you can’t forget how strong they are and how big their jaws are. I never take my scottie in the “small dog” side of the dog park for that reason.

    1. How funny. I take my Westies only into the small dog run for exactly the same reason — fear of the bigger jaws in the big dog run!

  4. Oh my! This happened about in my area! I hope the scot does not get put down because of this. A 4lb yorkie should not be in the same pen as a 30lb scottie! I hate it even when people bring those teacup dogs to the dog park. If our scottie accidently fell or jumped on one of those tiny things it could be killed.

    RIP Max.. very sad story

    1. Really? That’s your solution? Keep the aggressive dog around? That dog had issues…Even previous employees brought that up. Your like one of those fanatical breed admirers…You know the type who feel the dog that caused the damage isn’t in the wrong…It was KNOW that this dog bit other DOGS. Not just a tiny teacup dog…ANY dog. You and the owner of that place could be best friends…

      1. Take it easy, Marie.

        Look at the date thAt comment was written.

        It was before the info you’re referring to was even made public.

  5. I went to Max’s website and left a condolence message for his grieving family. [I’ve had several dogs over the years and included among them have been a rescued 6 lb, 13 y.o. toy poodle who lived to be 18 1/2, and my current 7 month old Scottish Terrier named “Ziva.” My heart breaks for both dogs and for their owners involved in this horrible accident at the day-care center.]

  6. This is sooo sad:( I had my scottie girl for 15 great years and was without a dog for one year. I could not bring myself to get another Scottie:( I ended up getting a very bossy little Yorkie boy. Hes a sweet and funny 7lbs and now almost two years. But now my heart is ready for another Scottie:) I was thinking of getting another maybe a older rescue, until I came across this post. need some advise now. Look at the picture on this site of Sade and her little consort:) big and small can get along but now I’m not sure. My heart goes out to both the owners.

    1. It isn’t always a matter of getting along or not. A big friendly dog can kill or harm a smaller dog just playing. The odds are not great of it happening, but it can and does happen. My Westies do play with my sisters gigantic 100+ pound mutts. I never leave them home alone together though.

  7. I now have a 10 month old Scottie named “Ziva.” Many years ago I had a rescued 5-6 lbs toy poodle named “Honey,” who was 12 1/2 at adoption and lived to be 18 1/2. [She had had been severaly neglected and abandoned in a field.] When I had to board her, the Vet’s always put her in the “cat room.” During working hours, the techs and secretaries would bring her up to the enclosed reception area for her to have company.

    My Scottie is very friendly, loves people and loves children. She recently met and played with a Yorkie while on a walk. Of course, both her mistress and I had them on leashes. All the time, I had this horrible story of Max in the back of my mind.

    This tragedy has taught me a lot. I’m also careful when my little (19 lb) Scottie is around other, bigger dogs. We dog people in Williamsburg always ask, “Is your dog friendly?” before pursuing a canine meeting.

    After reading the update, it seems the pet establishment/business should have taken better precautions with the Scottie who would bite groomers and staff at the pet center. Again, this is a horrible situation. I feel bad for both owners. I feel bad for both dogs.

    This is also a bit of the microcosm of what goes on in our world community. We humans need to treat our animals better. We humans need to treat each other better as members of the human race, as well.

    Thanks, Ann, for all you do for this site and us.

    Williamsburg, Virginia

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