Owner goes doggy dating to find her Scottie a suitable partner

Percy the Scottie with owner
Looks like he likes long walks on the beach

Dateline: Whitburn, England where the Shields Gazette describes the situation so well that the Scottie Newsisn’t even going to try to top it:

Pimped-out pooch Percy is hoping to make a stud of himself – with the help of the internet!

The two-year-old Scottish terrier has been enrolled on a doggy social networking site by owner, This Morning chef Stacie Stewart.

Celebrity chef Stacie, 29, says the time is right for Percy to find a mate – but she wants it to be the dog of his dreams.

Scouring the internet, she stumbled across canine courtship sites for dogs looking for a mate or just for some like-minded company.

Scottie News is a little worried that Stacie might be in denial about Percy’s mating choices. Quite frankly, he looks a little — cough, cough — stylish to us (although I know Rick’s going to have something to say about that tail.)

Here’s more support for our theory on  Stacie’s blog, where Percy attends a personal fashion show.

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6 thoughts on “Owner goes doggy dating to find her Scottie a suitable partner

  1. A crooked tail doesn’t bother me Stuart, nor white blazes on the chest for that matter, I do object to feathery tails on a Scot though as Anne well knows. Not too keen on jackets for dogs either, but to each his own.

    1. I don’t think Scotties need jackets either. And I say that as a Canadian who’s very experienced walking her dog in the cold. But as jackets go, Percy’s is a really nice one.

      On the other hand, Bridget hates the salt on her feet almost as much as she hates the idea of doggie boots.

  2. Love the picture!! I’d let him date my Scottie but he is also a handsome boy. The coat (and dog!!) is quite handsome.

  3. He is a handsome laddie!

    Ann, I think you should host an online Mr Scottie 2012 and Ms Scottie 2012! And maybe an LGBT section for Percy……

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