Scottie looks like Puss in Boots

Puss lookalike
Puss lookalike






It’s Sweet William back again.

He’s the Scottish Terrier who seems to have a thing for blockbuster movies. Last week, his peeps wrote:

I thought possibly since the movie Puss in Boots is coming out this week that this was a lookalike.

This picture was taken for Jazzi’s World Taco Day. But, when I saw the way Sweet William The Scot took to the hat, we decided to do another after school reading program for the little tikes. We are reading Puss In Boots and seven other fairy tales. I think Sweet William captures the debonair cat. A dog playing a cat!

Loved yesterday with the Scot in Kilts post. Would like to have a kilt like that for Sweet William the Scot to wear to the ReinDog Parade.

We’ve had a lot of kilt and bagpipes requests so Scottish Terrier News will send an investigative team to look into this. But, in the mean time, we have another lookalike contest for you.

Scottish Terrier sports goatee
A goatee is a non-traditional look for a Scottie

Reader Susan spotted this, “obviously too-cool-for-words dude” with a goatee while she was on vacation in Glenwood Springs, CO. Can Scottie News readers find a lookalike for him?

8 thoughts on “Scottie looks like Puss in Boots

  1. Thanks Ann for having us on your blog today. Sweet William The Scot is always up for a good read and he loves reading Scottish Terrier News.
    Sweet William The Scot & Lee

  2. William has about the daftest hat I have ever seen, but he’s such a cute that he carries it 🙂

  3. i don’t think sweet william is a dog playing at being a cat. i have always found that they scotties genetically are part cat, at least mine seem to be. so, puss in boots is perfect …
    has anyone else noticed this?

  4. Sweet William looks so cute – he has just the right tilt of the hat to make him look very debonair! I know he hangs out in Cincinnati somewhere – hope to see him someday in person.


  5. Sorry but this is a real silly look and the poor dog’s nails are so overgrown, oh my gracious can someone please tell the owners to take care of the nails.

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