Scottish Terrier News talks turkey

For all you Yanks out there, here’s a Scottie-related Thanksgiving post from the archives of the Scottish Terrier News.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier News talks turkey

  1. Thank you! What’s bred in the bone….Barney was just doing what he’s hard-wired to do.

    Happy T-giving to our fellow south-of-the-Canadian border folks, and all the best to the Canadians.

  2. Not all of us Americans in the South like being called “Yanks.” It’s like sailing under false colors! 😉 Happy Thanksgiving to all!

      1. You’re right, Ann. 😉 In addition, many times I can’t discern the difference between a Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York accent…. and boy am I taken to task for that, too, by the natives. 😉 [Do the Quebecers become as upset if you ask them in French, Vous etes canadien?]
        Fortunately, unlike humans, Scottish Terriers are all above such things. 😉

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