Scottish Terrier puppy at four days old

Scottish Terrier puppy at four days old
4 días de vida by ManuVan of Flickr

Awww! And super awww!

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2 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier puppy at four days old

  1. Goodday.
    I would like to learn more about Scotty babies. My Scotty has been 2 years in last year August. She fell pregnant for the first time in November. Her babies were born on Saturday morning. The first one was born still, and it was only when the second one were born that I realized that the first one was very big. Then two more were born, When they were three, the smallest of the three died also. Then she had one more. Again this last one was very small. They were all fine up to Sunday afternoon. One of the bigger ones was constantly cold and alone and end up dead on monday morning. There are only two left now, one very small and tiny one and a little bigger one. Is it common for Scottish Terrier pups to die like that? Can anything be done ?

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