Super cute Scottish Terrier picture

My Girl, originally uploaded by Steve 02.

Today, the Scottie News is recycling a picture from the archives. A few days ago we were doing some routine site maintenance and realized that we’d forgotten some of our most fantastic photos ever, so please go take a look. Start with this randomly picked page and then gaze at however many Scottie photos as you want. There are hundreds.

And while, I’m here, where is everybody? There have been so few comments as of late that I’m almost wondering if something’s not working properly.

As for me, I’m trying to breathe life into my personal website by saying mean things about the current state of Canadian literature. If, by any chance, that’s also up you alley, please feel free to stop by and tell me what you really think.

Or you can just look at more photos of the inimitable Mavis the Scottish Terrier.

6 thoughts on “Super cute Scottish Terrier picture

  1. Supercute picture. Also,IMO,its a little hard to comment on so many entries that are really just ads. I am here tho’ and love the site.

  2. I take your point but what about the amazing Fala site? Not a peep.

    And the Putin Scottish Terrier connection? Or does everyone remember when the Scottie News originally got that scoop?

    It just feels quiet around here.

  3. … I coudn’t comment until tonight. Every time I tried to pull up a particular story the same comment page kept appearing, with the same two comments… no matter the story 🙁
    Tegan Liverpool

    1. You know, I thought it was strange that off-topic comments were showing up on that post and, then later, that there were no comments.

      But I failed to put two and two together.


      Anyway, I fixed the problem.

      Thanks as always, Tegan.

  4. Off topic, but please check the Rockie Creek Scotties site. They are trying to catch a bad person that abused a Scottie that died .
    I can’t get the link to paste


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