Wallace’s ranking barely budged yesterday

Please everyone, remember you can vote for Wallace every day from work, from home, from smart phones. And every vote results in a $1 contribution to Canadian guide dogs. Vote now!

We want a Scottish Terrier to win Fido’s casting call.


12 thoughts on “Wallace’s ranking barely budged yesterday

  1. Here’s a hint that may help people vote multiple times a day on the same machine with minimal effort. If you use Google Chrome as your browser there’s no need to use multiple computers. Here’s what you should do with keyboard shortcuts to make it go as fast as possible with minimal effort.

    open an incognito window in chrome (Control+Shift+N for PC users)
    paste the address http://www.fidocastingcall.ca/dogs/11688 (Control+V)
    vote and enter in confirmation
    Close the window (Alt+F4)

    Once you get good at it, you can log 10+ votes a minute. Not to toot my own horn, but I did it for an hour and a half straight the day Wallace shot up the rankings. I was busy yesterday, but anyone who really wants to see Wallace up there should use this strategy.

    I doubt many other people are doing this so if 2 or 3 people utilize this strategy for Wallace, it should work out pretty well. If 10 people did this for about 20 minutes each day, it would almost guarantee a top 10 placement.

  2. got him up to 193, but there is a big gap separating 193 from 192. I’ve been stuck on 193 for the last 20 minutes!

  3. rankings are not real time but they update every 15-20 minutes. I usually vote for at least 30 minutes straight. Yesterday I voted for about 2 hours added up at different times of the day.

    Just some perspective on what it will take to move wallace up. Today I voted for wallace for 30 minutes (my first shift) which I estimated about 250 to 300 votes. when I started voting he was at 149 and now he’s at 138. So that means to me, that to move him 10 places up needs a similar effort. It will probably be even harder the farther up he goes.

    Come on people! Wallace needs your help! We need people to vote for at least 10 minutes a day if not more if he has any shot of getting into the top 50!

  4. Yeah, I voted multiple times last night as I drank wine and watched House. It was a perfect mindless activity.

    1. Yes, Rick, you are right. But I figure everyone ahead of Wallace is just a better ballot box stuffer.

      Let’s just all jump off the cliff together.

  5. Thank you all for your help in pushing Wallace to the top. Unfortunately, Fido has removed thousands of dogs from the Fido competition…including Wallace. I am hoping that they will release an explanation soon 🙁 I am very sad about this…he was getting SO CLOSE to the top and I know that he had a lot of people routing for him. I am very disappointed in Fido.

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