West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Director’s Cut

Director Martin Scorsese answers questions about his Westies and more:

What about when you’re not making or watching films?

Well, I think after that, it’s getting home, having dinner with family. We have two dogs. Two highland terriers. Desmond is the male. Desmond’s five. And Flora is only a year old. And Flora is a like wild puppy, I love her, she loves me. Desmond is so possessive and difficult. He has a problem with me. He has to be in control. So you can imagine this other puppy running around him all the time.

Desmond’s not keen on that?

No, he’s not keen on that at all. It’s like being in the middle of a Tom & Jerry cartoon. The dogs are chasing each other. The kid is jumping up and down. And I like quiet. At first, you’re complaining. And then you see there’s no sense in complaining. This is it: this is life.

A dog lover he used to dream that “his long-departed bichon frise Zoe, who often sat in his lap while he directed “Goodfellas” (was) found bloodied in the street,” an idea which brought him to tears.