ZOMG!!! Scottish Terrier Ninjas!!!

A pair of Scottish Terrier Ninjas
Impossible to resist -- even on November 5
Scottish Ninja Terr-tles by anitamombanita on flickr

Okay, we know we swore we’d posted our last Halloween photo, but who could resist these Scottish Ninja Terr-tles? Not the Scottie News, it seems.

6 thoughts on “ZOMG!!! Scottish Terrier Ninjas!!!

  1. What great costumes ~ now the ninja could be one we could use. They must be waiting for a treat. Cutie Pa Tooties!
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. This is the best dog costume for the Scottie…they hate anything to do with hats or headbands…and the “shells” are fitted like walking coats. Just an AMAZING talent behind these two. The only other one I have seen in their league was two Airedales dressed as Flying Monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. Hats off to the designer and of course to the models!

  3. OMG……how awesome they look grrrrreat as if it was a normal way to dress LOL…love it great costumes and yes being like a walking coat they are not going to mind as much plus it has to be warrior, macho, alpha for a Scottie to wear it!!!!!!

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