Being a dog in New York City

CERTAIN charms of New York City living — the infinite brunch options, the 24-hour bodegas, the Museum of Modern Art — are no doubt lost on many pets. Even so, plenty of owners believe that the city is ideal for dogs, offering endless opportunities for socializing and sniffing at dog runs, hydrants and doggy day care centers. Working late? Dog walkers abound. Square footage is tight? More opportunity for canine-human bonding.

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2 thoughts on “Being a dog in New York City

  1. What a great article, Ann!
    I recently spent a month in NYC (my Scottie Maggie had a holiday in the country during my trip) and was surprised at how many dogs live in the heart of Manhattan. Because I missed Maggie, I routinely visited off-leash dog parks to watch the dogs play. People in NYC are crazy about their pooches! One man said he loved visiting Montreal with his huge sheepdog because of the wonderful off-leash parks. When I enquired about the legendary shopping in Montreal, he said, “Oh, yes, that too. But we go mostly for the dog parks.”
    One day, I photographed a regal-looking male Scottie named “Jock”. The owner said there were only a few Scotties in the city. Several days later, I saw another Scottie. But, before I could take a picture, it mysteriously vanished with its owner around the corner of a building into a beautiful “gated” community complete with granite statues and an exquisite fountain. The guard wouldn’t let me follow them for a photo.
    I think Scotties are the perfect dog for city living — Maggie seldom barks, doesn’t require excessively long walks, and is content to snooze under the dining room table as I work on my laptop. She is a true urban girl who also loves to visit her breeder in the country whenever I travel. She has the best of both worlds.

  2. I bought my first Scottie puppy, Guinness, a few months ago, and he has adjusted well to apartment living in New York City. Scotties are great apartment dogs as they’re fairly low-key (for a terrier breed). We make weekly trips to the local dog park and go for three walks a day.

    I’ve only seen a few Scotties in the city though. Mostly it’s French bulldogs, labs, goldens and pit bulls or pit mixes. I can’t understand why Scotties aren’t more popular. Guinness is the most popular dog in the neighborhood with his short legs, big paws and serious little face. People go nuts over him. And he loves it, of course.

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