Dressing up your Scottie for the holidays

Scottish Terrier in kilt with bagpipes
Bagpipes for Scottie dogs -- fashion do or don't?

A few weeks back we posted a photo of a very handsome Wheaten Scottish Terrier dressed in traditional garb for Halloween. Many readers inquired where they could buy a similar outfit and, in response,  two other readers suggested Puppy dog Plaids. With the holidays edging ever closer and many Scottie peeps looking to decorate their dogs along with their houses, we thought we’d delve back into the archives to remind everybody of basic doggie fashion dos and don’ts.

Frankly, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News prefers the minimalist look of the Scottie below. Other examples are shown here and here.

Better Homes and Gardens Scottish Terrier cover

And, finally, here is our primer on kilt wearing for dogs, originally drawn up for Robbie Burns day, but just as relevant for Christmas and New Year’s festivities.


5 thoughts on “Dressing up your Scottie for the holidays

  1. I also prefer the minimalist look, and frankly it’s a good thing that I do. It would be a cold day down south before I could ever get either of my Scotties in clothes!

  2. Yep… said it before I know, but Kirk just wouldn’t let me dress her… she knows what I’m thinking these days and she’d start a sulk even before I ordered the outfit on ebay! Getting her to wear her waterproof coat is a major battle, frankly I’ve stopped trying and she gets soaked.

  3. Come on people, just look at that pup. Does it look happy to be dressed up as a canine Harry Lauder? Dinna dae it.

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