Exclusive Electoral Poll: Do dog issues influence your vote?

Update January 30: The Scottish Terrier and Dog News poll reveals that Romney’s roofing of his dog is a deal breaker for many Republican voters. Please vote, if you haven’t already.

Update January 10: In light of the news from New Hampshire, it’s time to resuscitate this exclusive Scottie News poll and get out some more votes. Cast your ballot on this crucial dog issue.

“I’m no fan of Newt, but he didn’t tie the family dog to the top of the station wagon”
– anonymous quote making the rounds on Twitter

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has covered the Mitt Romney dog issue before, but today we’d like to take a deeper dive into the world of what influences dog lovers’ votes with an exclusive electoral poll.

It goes without saying that  your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

Update Dec. 4: Stuart the Scottie has some thoughts on this issue.

11 thoughts on “Exclusive Electoral Poll: Do dog issues influence your vote?

  1. Can’t vote as I simply have no idea who this bloke is and what this is about. But my dad always told me that people ARE how much they give to animals, people LOOK like how much they gain from each other.

  2. I did blog about this and people are still clicking through to read the story. What does this most recent vote tell us about the state of the canine world today? Lots. Nobody’s watching our backs but the peeps. Thank goodness.

    WoW. Stuart

  3. Mitt Romney has always reminded me of a sleazy used car salesman. I believe if you would treat your dog in such a fashion, God only knows how you could treat people any differently.

  4. OMG! I only just read about this. Too right, Bronwyn!! Well he didn’t lose my vote anyway but my opinion just got even lower. I don’t know how this story came out but I can easily imagine he talked about it like it was an amusing little anecdote. Ugh. To our non-US readers, this is the man who, if he poses with a group of women for photos, likes to pretend that one of them has pinched his bum 😛
    (Anyway… I always thought that “Mitt” was a name fit only for a cat!!)

    1. Oh, and that is not supposed to be a happy face in my post above! DISGUST is what I was goin’ for! Sad git!

  5. We have Mitt with the way he treats his dog and Newt with the Three Wives issue. If either one win what do we have?
    Sweet William The Scot

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