More on the death of Chief the Scottie

The Iowa newspaper, the Hawkeye, provides details and raises questions about Chief the Scottish Terrier’s sudden death.

Chief’s family has also put together a tribute video.

Rocky Creek Scotties has more including the email addresses of those responsible for investigating crimes against animals and prosecuting the perpetrators. Here as well is the Scottie Newsprevious story about Chief.

4 thoughts on “More on the death of Chief the Scottie

  1. I posted in the earlier thread, wondering if Chief may have had undiagnosed von Willebrands disease, and reading this article a second time reminds me of one of the reasons why — his platelets were low. Long story, but my sister had a wonderful scotty who had von Willebrands, which is how we learned about this terrible disease. Things that wouldn’t have caused a problem in other dogs would lead to a bleeding crisis in Duncan. Once, I actually drove to a veterinary blood bank an hour away to get platelets for Duncan. After our experience with this wonderful dog, who suffered because of this disease but lived to a good age because of my sister’s wonderful care, we learned to ask breeders whether their dogs had been tested for von Willebrands. I feel for Chief’s family to have suffered such a terrible loss. I don’t know if there would be consolation in finding that the cause was an undiagnosed, genetically-transmitted disease, but given the fact that no one heard anything, and the other dog was not harmed, I hope that the vets who took care of Chief would be aware that von Willebrands might lead a dog to bleed out from some other kind of injury. At any rate, my condolences to Chief’s family. So sorry for their loss.

  2. Words can’t express how truly sorry I am for your loss 🙁 I’m literally sitting at my desk sobbing 🙁

  3. Elayne – on the Facebook page Justice for Chief they addressed this issue and stated that the vet, who performed many lab tests on his own dime, ruled out this disease.

    1. Christina, thanks for the information. (I’m not on Facebook, so I hadn’t seen the results of the tests). It seemed unlikely (since if a dog has that disease, the littlest thing can lead to a crisis), but the circumstances seemed like it might have been a possibility. Terribly sad, no matter what the cause.

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