Scottie breeders in UK – looking for recommendations

A reader in Bermuda is looking for breeder recommendations in the UK. Please add your suggestions in the comments.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Scottie breeders in UK – looking for recommendations

  1. Yes, thank you Annb for this add, that would be me Pauline Matthews, I can get one from Ca or USA but because of the rabies shots I can only get the dog at 10 months (UK available 12 weeks) and I really want a puppy(can’t miss tha stage). Looking for a breeder that is careful with its breeding in order to have healthy Scotties – just lost my Bonnie Lass with lymphoma, tumor on the intestine – she was only 5 ( I still have a little cry at times) with some research I read that they have more cancers than other dogs, due to inbreeding = small gene pool. Would love to hear from anyone on some info. Thank you all.

  2. A star breeder in the U.K. is Carol Annan of Lomondview Kennel in Scotland, and Sheila Maw of Lancaster England (Pendlehill Kennels). The Scottish Terrier Club of the U.K. and the Scottish Terrier Club of Northern England (see their web sites) can give you very specific recommendations to breeders who are reputable and willing to do business with overseas clients (some may not be).
    Good luck!

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