Tributes: Shalimar of Estonia, multi-culti Scottish Terrier extrordinaire

Shalimar, Scottish Terrier from EstoniaMai writes:

I lost my Scottie a couple of days ago and as a long time follower of Scottie News I know that you publish pictures/stories from people who send them to you. So, I was thinking,perhaps one of the pictures I send you would be worthy enough to be published at your site because it would mean a world to my family and especially to me because I’m working away from home so I wasn’t able to be part of the funeral. Yep, that’s what I call it because my brother built him a box and they put his favourite toy, treats and blanket with him when they buried him to a land of a family member.

None of the pictures are wonderful and can never do justice to my doggy who was a true gentleman. Stubborn, yes (but what Scottie isn’t?), but at the same time he was one of best dogs a girl can have because he was incredibly friendly and with such a gentle character. Using words of my mum, if there’s a paradise for dogs then Shalimar will definitely go there. He was such a sweetheart! He was just 12 but he had a cancer and in the end his kidneys stopped working so it was time to let him go.

RIP, Shalimar.

9 thoughts on “Tributes: Shalimar of Estonia, multi-culti Scottish Terrier extrordinaire

  1. Oh Shalimar! What a great tribute – to have him here on the Scottish Terrier News. May your tears turn into smile as you remember the joy he gave you and your family.

    Aroo. Stuart

  2. Those of us who lose a beloved Scottie can be comforted by knowing we gave our love and the best of care. When they pass, they leave a paw-sized hole in our heart. My sincere condolences…

  3. I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Scotties. I have two Scotties–Angus McDougall, a 13 yr old Black Scottie and Molly McTavish, a 12 yr old Wheaten. They both have Cushings and Molly has Arthritis in her back legs from surgery some years ago. They are my joy and the light of my life. They stay by my side every day, where I go in my house, they go–yep–bathroom too. I know when I lose them, I will be devistated as they are so much a part of my life. The only comfort is knowing that we will meet our Scotties at the Rainbow bridge when our time is up.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. We love our special Scotties so. We were lucky to have our Adelaide until she was 17. Even though she was in our lives that long it wasn’t enough. My family and I were lucky enough to hold her paw and tell her how much we loved her in the last minutes of her life. I know I will see her in heaven. Know you’ll see your precious Scottie there to.

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