Up to 50% off men’s women’s and children’s boots at Amazon

In cold weather there’s nothing like a pair of good warm dog walking boots. I have these UGG boots, which I bought at great expense five years ago. For me, they were well worth it because I walk a lot but am not hard on footwear. That means a great pair of boots will, like these ones, last for years.

Also, I had previously had far cheaper Sorels, which were a disaster, way too heavy and with a rough patch that always rubbed the back of my ankle despite many attempts to fix it. Sorel appears to have smartened up as of late and they have a new fashionable line of boots that aren’t like wearing bricks on your feet. I can’t give them a personal recommendation, but snowmobilers have sworn by this brand forever and so do some former fellow dog walkers.

Remember, you can get up to up to 50% off on men’s, womens’s and children’s boots at Amazon.