What’s the Scottie News worth to you?

Clarification from a Scottie lover: My line about why I started this site seems to have been misinterpreted, which could mean I didn’t write it very well in the first place. So, let me clarify. I absolutely do love Scotties and other dogs. They make me smile and laugh at least once a day. But I didn’t start this site as a labour of love. As a professional writer, it was always my intention to see if I could make money from the Scottie News. As much as writing is fun for me, it’s also work. I hope that clears things up.


Dear Readers,

If you’ve ever read my bio page, you know a bit of the history of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News and it might not be what you imagined:

Many people think I started this site because of my love of dogs, but that’s not the case. I actually began dog blogging because I thought I could make some money. I found most dog websites to be a spammy mess or dominated by dog extremists, who thought you were cruel if you watched a TV show your dog didn’t like.

I wanted to see if high-quality websites about specific dog breeds could generate an audience and, then, a profit.  I was highly influenced by the The Long Tail, which is all about niche markets.

My bio also explains how things have worked out since the Scottie News was founded almost five years ago:

As for my original business goals, well, my sites are  successful enough that I don’t know how to quit them, but not successful enough that I can quit my day job.

All this to say that if you’re interested in buying either a premium site about Scottish Terriers or Dachshunds, at this point, I’d be willing to talk.

Be warned though, the price will not be cheap. These sites are still of considerable value to me, not so much for the revenues they bring in, as for what they’ve taught me about publishing on the internet and creating a community of readers who contribute to making the Scottie News a great place to visit and find Scottish Terrier information. It’s kind of like owning a research lab.

At this point, unless someone makes me an offer that’s too good to refuse, I plan to keep the Scottie News going. Unlike during past crises and moments of drama, both readership and subscribers keep steadily trending upward. Earlier this fall, I also sold a number of lucrative ads, but, alas, those appear to have tapered off. For the moment, the only revenues coming in are from Amazon and Google AdSense, neither of which will allow the Scottie News to meet its original financial goals including rental of a winter world headquarters in the Caribbean.

For this reason, I’ve decided to approach my readers and say, “Yo, how much are you willing to pay for the Scottie News experience? Pretend we’re back in the pre-internet era when readers actually paid for most of their content, what would a subscription like this have been worth to you?”

Although, I  wanted to put a “subscribe” button here  and not a “donate” one, because of the charitable overtones, I’ve ended up choosing the latter. It’s not that I have any plans to halt the Scottie News, it’s just that I can’t commit to continuing it and I would hate for anyone to have a monthly charge going through if I ran off to Rio or some such thing.

So the “Donate” button it is, but I urge you to think of it more as a payment for subscriptions past.

As always, feel free to comment and thanks in advance to anyone who uses the donate button to make a non-donation if you know what I mean.

Yours truly,

Ann Brocklehurst
Aspiring Dog Media Magnate

12 thoughts on “What’s the Scottie News worth to you?

  1. Ann,
    being a Scot by descent, I’m a cheap bugger. I’d be willing to part with a couple of Euros per month for the site I suppose. Depending on my monthly intake of course.

  2. Was I the confused guy (from Twitter)?! I love this site, and … your photo has an arresting, smart look. I’m in a big Joan Didion phase right now, so journalists are at the top of my list. A site that is both literate and associated with my favorite dog breed? Well worth a subscription fee. Wishing you the best!


  3. A subscription fee seems fair. How much would it be?

    To be honest I think when you ask for a donation people get lazy/stingy but if we all have to subscribe to view the website I think most would do it.

  4. Ok, as Ash says, let’s be honest. Make this a subscription site and two problems arise. The first is paying members will expect something for their money, and it won’t be just links to other sites. It will be original timely content. The second is people have grown accustomed to an Internet that is for the most part free (at least to them). Of course we all know, well, at least I do and so does Ann, that websites cost a lot of money to operate – especially time and intellectual capital.

    Would I (maybe) pay a few bucks a month? Since we are being ‘honest’ , well, what value comes with that. Certainly it must be more than simply feeding the ego of the author.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. sorry to hear this news – I am a scottie lover who in October lost my beautiful scottie to bladder cancer – I looked forward everyday to read your news letter for comfort. I did then get two scottie puppies which eased my aching heart.
    Your “scottie news” did more than you know – thank you, Leslie

  6. Dear Anne,
    I just tried to make a donation through paypal – twice. Both times they resulted in an error.

    I would have paid $15 a year. I suppose I think of subscribing on line to a magazine of sorts should cost about the price of a magazine. But in the same breath, up until this point, so many things sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t work on Scottie News I was skeptical and wondered if it would clear up once the news became a paid subscription. By not working I mean videos or photos that were removed when I tried to look at them. Weak design so I could not tell if something was a teaser or the real story. A lot of repetition – but placed as if they were new stories. And a lot of not – so professional whining. But since I figured you did it out of love for the dogs – it added a human element to the mix. I am sorry you didn’t get enough subscribers.

    I will try once again to make a donation to you through your last Scottie News tomorrow. If it doesn’t work – it will be too bad.

  7. Hi, Ann,
    The Scottie News is wonderful–filled with helpful information and cool stories. Last July our rescue Scottie, Robbie, died of liver failure at the age of 14. We miss him so much. Because of sweet Robbie we are going to rescue another Scottie.
    What do you need to keep the Scottie News going? I will gladly pay $25.00 for a yearly subscription. What amount do you need from each of your readers? When I make a donation will I continue to receive the Scottie News?
    I appreciate your efforts and hard work.
    Please tell me that you are kidding about the cat thing!

  8. I believe that a subscription rate is fair. I LOVE this site and access it all the time and am chagrined that I have not donated in the past. Count me in for a subscription.

    1. Please don’t feel bad. I’m bad at donating too — until there’s a deadline looming. I’ve gotten better recently though.

  9. Oh no AnnB, I so do love your newsletters and wealth of information that you pull together beautifuly to post. I hate to see you close up shop. I undertand the mega hours that you are putting in to pull so much information together for your newsletter. I have done this sort of thing myself a few years ago for a motorcycle group. I gave up because it was so very time consumming for me. I will be making a contribution on the 20th. I do hope that the other subscribers to your newsletter will also wake up and make a donation as well. I really don’t want to see this publication end. Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful newsletters! Jeannine @ Pittypaws Special Blend Scotties

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