Australian Scottish Terriers celebrate writer’s birthday

Scotty in Gumnut Land by May GibbsA North Sydney newspaper reports:

Every year on January 15, Scotty dogs become a familiar sight trotting along Wallaringa Ave in Neutral Bay to be special guests at the party at Nutcote.

It is reminiscent of (Author May) Gibbs’s heyday when she was a familiar sight shopping at Neutral Bay with her dogs perched on the back seat of her 1920s Dodge Tourer.

Nutcote, where Gibbs lived for 44 years, hosts the birthday party each year.

Whoa, wait, May Gibbs, who? Should the Scottish Terrier and Dog News know about her? Apparently, she’s one of Australia’s top children’s authors, known for gumnut baby stories, the most famous of which is Snugglepot And Cuddlepie. But she was also a Scottish Terrier lover and breeder, which explains how there came to be a Scotty in Gumnut Land.

Has anybody out there read it?

4 thoughts on “Australian Scottish Terriers celebrate writer’s birthday

  1. Our Scottie Miss Jarvis was there, she had the best time. We enjoyed the day too, especially the cappuccino and scones at Bib n Bubs Tea Room. This was our second year attending. It is truly a special place to visit. All Aussies would know May Gibbs. Her books and drawings were all something we grew up with. It is so lovely to be able to take your Scottie to this heritage house once a year where they are welcomed and allowed and be a part of Australia’s history and celebrate May Gibbs birthday. Every scottie owner should own a copy of Scotty in Gumland – not just for the story but the whimsical drawings.

  2. I have the books and the drawings are lovely. The house is very interesting to visit and well known in Sydney. Scotties seem pretty rare in Australia, as I only saw 3 during the 15 months I lived there.

  3. As a member of a scottie loving family and Aussie I have had a copy of the book for as long as I can remember.

    May Gibbs is a very popular children’s author in Australia, I am pretty sure her books would still be in print.

    Gibbs’ use of iconic Australian imagery makes her stories timeless.
    Throwing in a scottie storyline doesn’t hurt either!

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