Bringing up a Scottie Boi

Fabian , Jarmane and Rupert the Scottish Terrier

Meet Scottish Terrier and Dog News readers Fabian and Jarmane with their eight week old Scottie pup Rupert, who, according to our calculations, should be four months old now. He is lucky enough to have his own YouTube channel to document all his adventures so check it out. You can watch all his firsts from first walk to first outing at the park to first day at puppy class.

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5 thoughts on “Bringing up a Scottie Boi

  1. Rupert is super adorable!
    The last video is Rupert getting a snack while his dad brushes him. What a good idea for positive reinforcement. My girls don’t appreciate the grooming and I wonder if it’s too late?

  2. Piper absolutely loathes being groomed, even though she gets treats while it is happening. When she is let down from the table she goes nuts as she knows that she will get a carrot as a reward.

  3. Rupert is very sweet! I made my husband watch all of these last night (we’re Scottie guardians-in-waiting). Our Westie particularly enjoyed the puppy class episode.

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