Google removes photo credits as Picasa grabs photos

I recently did a Google search to see how the Scottish Terrier and Dog News was ranking for the term Scottish Terrier and noticed something I hadn’t before.

Google search for Scottish Terrier
Notice the image results

A photo of Rasmus (left, top) that I had published on my blog almost four years ago showed up on Picasa even though I had never put it there. What’s worse, Picasa said the photo belongs to me when the version on my blog, which I asked permission to use, is clearly credited to the photographer and owner of the photo Lars Odemark.

Picasa drops all the photo credits
Picasa drops all the photo credits and erroneously says photo is mine (see top right)

In the original version, the photo was properly credited and linked with the photographer’s knowledge.

The properly credited photo that Picasa grabbed
Scottie News properly credited photographer Lars Odemark after asking his permission to use the photo

Picasa has done this with more than 700 photos used by the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

I suspect the fecal matter is about to hit the fan on this one that, as far as I can tell, has not yet been noticed.

5 thoughts on “Google removes photo credits as Picasa grabs photos

  1. I hate to think how many of my photos are out there being used and abused by who knows who for who knows what and probably earning some money, too. Even though there’s a copyright notice on my blog (a lot of good that does!). I don’t even know how to check to see where my stuff is. Rats.

    Rooooo! Stuart

  2. I had a photo “photonapped” aswell!!! Mine wasn’t a dog though, but of Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, which I personally took when I met him at a plaque reveal in Sheffield, UK. It turns out some girl was using it as her avatar and had found it on a website!!

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