How do you describe your relationship to your Scottish Terrier?

Ann and Bridget of the Scottie News
Definitely not my daughter

What are you to your Scottie?

Mom, fur Dad, mistress, master, owner, supreme ruler, commander in chief, loyal subject?

But seriously, I can’t call myself Bridget’s “mother” for two reasons. One, it’s not my style. And, two, I already have a human daughter.

Mistress doesn’t seem right either. I’m too old for it and there are the sexual overtones.

On many occasions, I’ve used owner simply because it seemed the only option but I don’t like it as I feel it doesn’t accurately reflect our relationship. My dog’s not just something I own.

Lately, I’ve been referring to Scotties and their peeps. But while that works well in the plural, it’s awkward, to say, “I’m Bridget’s peep” in the singular

All this is why I was interested to discover that more than a dozen years ago Boulder became the first city in the U.S.  to officially refer to pet owners as “guardians.” It’s one of many nuggets of information in a recent column by a Scottish Terrier-owning guardianing journalist at the Denver Post.

How do you describe your relationship to your Scottie?

17 thoughts on “How do you describe your relationship to your Scottish Terrier?

  1. Ummm… yeah we are Mum & Dad to our dogs … (looks around) So are we weird??! We would be if we had human kids too but that’s us.

  2. i am Mom to my beloved Scottie’s and my husband is Daddyman or just Dad. And I have human grown children. Their dogs have always been my grand dogs. I do like the word guardian as a possibility. That has a wonderful connotation.

  3. Harry and Lola are my kids! They may not be my “birth” kids, but I love them every bit as much as if they were. I’d love a human child whom I adopted just as much. After more than 25 years of living with Scotties, I’ve learned that they think and communicate as much as humans. They have feelings and they love! After getting to know Harry, I’ve even been able to get to know a Scottie that isn’t selfish! He’s more kind and generous than most humans. I’ve very proud to be his mommy.

  4. Honestly, I struggle with this myself and therefore find myself working out ways to never define it. I’ll say things like “This is Sarah (last name) and I would like to make an appointment for Bentley, my Scottish Terrier” instead of saying “This is Bentley’s mom” or anything like that.
    I don’t have children and don’t plan to, but I feel like my relationship with B is different than that between a mother and a child. No less important, but it fills a different role. I think Boulder may have hit on it with “guardian”. It’s my job to take care of him, but in return he gives me unconditional love. Completely different than a teenaged child!

  5. Quincy is my friend, my companion…….and maybe he thinks of me the same. Depending on his mood though, I might just be the ‘food-giver’. My son refers to Quincy as my ‘fur-kid’, his girlfriend refers to Quincy as ‘fur-butt’–but wait, she sometimes calls my son that too! I agree with Sarah–I think I try not to define it. I am just happy to be owned by a Scottie!

  6. I always loved the picture of a women with her dog, and the caption said, ” We look more like sisters, then mother and daughter “…. That is how I feel !!! I tell everyone she is my

  7. Mostly I call her my “little girl”, which I guess implies a closeness, but not exactly that of a human daughter. Other times I call her my “little buffalo” for which I have no explanation.

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