Write to the makers of this Scottie video

Tell them what you really think, but remember, it’s just CGI.

I have to confess — I laughed.

9 thoughts on “Write to the makers of this Scottie video

  1. It’s a weakness of mine. Black humor.

    But I know I’ll probably lose a few subscribers over this.

    If it helps, imagine the Scottie being in on the joke. I can definitely picture that.

  2. We’d have laughed if the Scottie emerged from under the rock, then shook himself off as if to say “Nice try, cat … but it’ll take more than that to slow me down …”. (and black humour makes sense for black Scotties, eh?)

  3. The Scottie News grows “boulder” by the day. Has The Scottie News taken a Looney Tunes twist? Do we now assume that Blackie has been renamed Puddles?

  4. The Coyote always seemed to be not much the worse for wear after a few seconds. I always cheered for him, I’m strange that way…

  5. I think it’s sick! I’m guessing that the people who made the movie don’t actually like the Scottie? Maybe he belongs to the dreaded Mother-In-Law!

  6. …I’ll have to confess and come clean here. At first I wasn’t too impressed by this, showed it to mum who was also put-out about the violence.
    But tonight Kirk just would not come out to have her bed-time wee-wees (in the cold.) So I had to tell her that the great Wrecking Ball from the sky comes down to all doggies that disobey their owners.
    …. Kirk carried on ignoring me but mum and I laughed for yonks 😀

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