Boxer Francis Luke Robinson has a Scottish Terrier named Sugar Ray

As we post this report to the Scottie News, the unbeaten Welsh light-welterweight and Scottie owner Francis Luke Robinson is trying to take his record to 5-0 as he boxes against Mark McKray tonight in Cardiff.

Boxing News asked Robinson to describe his fight day routine:

I’ll be up by 9ish. I’ll have porridge for breakfast, then chill out watching films, maybe of dad’s old fights. The win over Paul Hodkinson is a favourite. I may take my Scottish Terrier ‘Sugar Ray’ for a walk. I’ll have a lot of hi carb food for lunch. I try to stay as relaxed as possible, not think too much about the fight. I hate waiting around so don’t go the arena earlier than needed. In the changing rooms, I psych myself up on Dub Step music and Dad gives me good advice. I enter the ring relaxed, confident and ready to rumble!

Alas, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News hasn’t yet been able to obtain a photo of Robinson and Sugar Ray, but we’re officially on the case.

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