Do you take your Scottish Terrier to the dog park?

Here’s a nice, friendly, non-seasonal video of two well-behaved Scottish Terriers at the dog park. Unfortunately, unlike at this dog park, there are lots of balls at ours and Bridget is not always almost never nice to other dogs when balls are involved so we have to leave.

And even when she is behaving herself and just joining in the fun, some fellow dog parkers don’t appreciate her big noises.

9 thoughts on “Do you take your Scottish Terrier to the dog park?

  1. Desmond loves the dog park. We always have to keep a close eye on him because he likes to pick on certain dogs. A lot of ear biting. So many dogs just stand there and let it happen and their owners don’t usually appreciate it. It is a successful trip if he gets a lot of chasing in and is nice and worn out.

    1. Your experience seems to closely resemble mine. Bridget likes to discipline puppies along with her ball aggression. I have to be constantly vigilant.

  2. Kirk will not let any dog, ever sniff her rear, (she just growls)which has been a major problem for her social life as a dog. Of course, like all her gripes, they’ve gotten worse as she’s become an old girl and she’s got even more bad tempered about them. So taking her to the park these days is just a whole series of me apologising to other dog owners. We walk through fields up to the church instead.
    Tegan Liverpool.

    1. Bridget too only allows very limited posterior sniffing, an activity of which there was rather a lot in the referenced video.

  3. Mac would love a trip to the dog park, but I’m concerned that other dogs would mistake what he considers “play” with attempted murder. He loves being around other dogs and gets along great with most of them but he likes to play rough. And like most Scotties he has an inflated view of his own size in relation to the rest of the world.

  4. I have had to stop taking Tartan to the dog park because of his “refereeing.” Usually he would ignore the dogs and do his own thing, but of late he would interfere more with bigger dogs that are playing. Tartan feels the need to keep it fair between two dogs when playing or protect the smaller dog from the bigger size dog. Not sure where he got this attitude! When he does this, I understand it as refereeing but to the other dog owners and the two bigger dogs its seen as attack mode.

    1. Yes. Bridget does that too. At our old dog park, she was nicknamed the policewoman for following dogs around and trying to supervise.

  5. I just took my 4 yr old Aidan to the dog park on Sunday. It took him about 5 minutes to warm up to it and stop trying to escape through the entrance gate. After that, he did well with all the dogs there except a min-pin. Whenever he got close, Aidan would get aggressive and show teeth. Our day ended in a scuffle with the min-pin. After cooling his heels and my profuse apologies, we left. Hopefully, we’ll be back and maybe the min-pin won’t be there.

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