Fantastic Scottish Terriers from fantabulous Scottie News readers

Clanci waiting for the Mystic Krewe of Barkus at a Mardi Gras parade:

Scottish Terrier in Keep Calm T-shirt
Keep calm? At Mardi Gras? Really?

This may be the Scottie News but we can’t figure out whether the adorable Gypsie Girl is a wheaten Scottish Terrier puppy or a Westie.

Westie or wheaten Scottie puppy?
If you are a Westie, you're still way too cute to have to wait for a Westie Wednesday moment

8 thoughts on “Fantastic Scottish Terriers from fantabulous Scottie News readers

  1. I’ve been told by a Scotty Breeder, “Scotties are never white”. With that being said, Westies are usually snow white. I think this is a Wee Scott, see the butterscotch ears.

  2. Lola says she is sure that’s a wheaten Scottie. She says she was every bit that cute when she was a puppy. And she knows she’s still cute! She hears that all the time when she’s out on a walk.

  3. Aidan was in Barkus when he was 5 months old and I ended up carrying him the whole parade route! Clanci looks very festive, too. Did she (or he) catch lots of treats?

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