Knit your own Scottish Terrier

Let’s be honest. Knitting does not happen a lot here at the world headquarters of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News so we’ve been a bit surprised, to say the least, at how many of our readers buy this book: Knit Your Own Dog: Easy-to-Follow Patterns for 25 Pedigree Pooches. When we looked inside, however, we immediately saw the appeal. The dogs are fantastic:

Knit your own dog be it a Boston Terrier, Dalmation or Bull Dog

Here’s the Scottish Terrier:

Knit your own Scottish Terrier

And we especially loved the Afghan Hound:

Knit your own Afghan Hound

It’s enough to make you want to take up knitting, Needles out. Ready, set, knit one, purl one…

3 thoughts on “Knit your own Scottish Terrier

  1. I knit it.
    Unfortunately I had to knit it with worsted weight on size 2s to prevent gaping holes in the body, so it’s not a knit for the novice. Because of the construction, I hesitate to knit it again to donate to rescue for auctions and such. I’ll try it again at least to give away to a friend. A knitter can always change a little in the pattern to make it better!

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