Mutts Mobilize in Midtown Against Mitt

A Scottish Terrier representative was there:

Veronica Cedeno of Weehawken, N.J., owner of a Scottish terrier, agrees that what happened to Seamus speaks quite poorly of his owner. “I’m just so strongly against what he did,” she said. “If we know that he has so much money, why did he have to resort to putting his dog outside and his luggage inside? He couldn’t have gotten some sort of mobile carrier, or another car, even?” So, your being here isn’t tongue-in-cheek? Not even a little bit? “No,” she replied, all sincerity. “What he did is just not very thoughtful. If he doesn’t care about the goodness of dogs, is he going to care about the goodness of humans?”

Take the Scottie News‘ Mitt Romney poll if you haven’t already.

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